Ancestral Connections III: Myths & Archetypes

Ancestral Connections III: Myths and Archetypes


11 – 13/10 CPT

18 – 20/10 JHB

8 – 10/ 11 London


Ancestral Connections invites you to rest into the innate wisdom of your intelligent body through movement, dance and systems constellations. This innovative series of workshops is created and facilitated by inspired therapists and trainers: Tanja Meyburgh and Sian Palmer.

“Myth is what is believed always, everywhere, by everybody. Hence the one who thinks they can live without myth, or outside it… is like one uprooted, having no true link either with the past or with the ancestral life which continues within, or yet with contemporary human society.” – C.G. Jung

It is in the realm of myth and story that we meet our humanity. Encountering the universal archetypes, we unlock access to our archetypal ancestry; to the gifts and resources and to what it is to be human. In doing so we can inhabit our unique individual identity whilst sensing our similarities. Rumi once said, “The entire universe is inside of you”, and similarly, all the characters of a myth are inside of you. Our archetypal ancestry is within us. Through moving and constellating with myth we can tap into this ancestry.

In a story, we see ourselves; the familiar and unfamiliar parts. We recognize our humanity – our human struggles and achievements. We feel our roots and find the imagination to dream again, afresh, anew. Stories help us see the deep themes that circle our life and that ignite our creative agency. Entering into the language of the soul we remember what was long forgotten, bringing light into dark places and meeting the important dream figures that can show us the way.

Ancestral Connections I, II and III are required to attend the Ancestral Connections Facilitator Training Intensive which will be offered in Europe from 2020.

Attendance to all sessions is required. No previous experience is needed. All are welcome.

What to expect:

Deep healing and learning from experience to understanding, from the body to thought
Guiding into authentic movement and visualisation to enable deeper embodied listening
Embodied ritual and initiation processes orientated around important life stages
Embodied constellations of specifically selected myths
Embodied processes to access the archetypes within these myths
Uplifting, life giving music and movement

Who is this for:
• This workshop is for both the layperson and professional wanting to develop and further their relationship with their physical body, and finding embodied ways to resource themselves
• It appeals to those who are interested in exploring their interconnected relationship with themselves, their families and loved ones, humanity and the land.
• Constellations and conscious dance facilitators are invited to join us for further learning, and to inspire and deepen their work.

About Your Facilitators:

Tanja Meyburgh is a registered psychologist, and an internationally renowned systems constellations facilitator and trainer. As founder of African Constellations she has been immersed in family and systems constellations work since 2003 through her practice, training facilitators in South Africa and writing about her experiences. What excites her about constellations is the possibility to engage the head, heart and body in the healing process, as well as the bridge that it offers between ancient and indigenous ways of healing and modern concepts of psychology, epigenetics and neuroscience. Tanja is also an ongoing student of African cosmology.

Sian Palmer is the Founder of Expressive Movement South Africa and is a registered Drama and Movement Therapist (MA University of London) as well as a trained Family Constellations Facilitator. Sian currently practices in South Africa with both individuals and groups in therapy and training spaces. With her area of expertise firmly established in embodied practice, Sian is passionate about dance as an accessible holistic healing and meditation practice.

Attendance to all sessions is required. No previous experience is needed. All are welcome.

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