Thursday Expressions

good vibrations

Thursdays in Jhb

18h30 – 19h30 GMT+2

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#ThursdayExpressions are a drop-in movement meditation class facilitated by an Expressive Movement facilitator. In this hour-long class, your facilitator will guide you to follow your body’s way through an Expressive Movement Wave using a bespoke Dj’d set.

These weekly classes have been hosted since Expressive Movement’s conception in 2009 and are home to a growing community of dancers’ regular, movement meditation practice.

All are welcome. No previous experience is needed. We were made to dance.

Investment: R60 Scholarship Rate/ R100 Full Exchange/ R140 Sponsoring you and a Scholarship dancer

Venue: St Columbus Church, Parkview

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Meet the Thursday Team:


Thandi O’Hagan

If I had to whittle down to a single word, what dance is for me, that word is: freedom.

I have a vivid memory of me at a party, at the tender age of 19, awkward, shy, uncertain and afraid of what other people might think of me. And then, in a moment of frustration and defiance, with a “fff that, I’m dancing”, I closed my eyes and danced the way my body yearned to, and tasted for the first time the freedom my soul longed for. Over time and on numerous dance floors, I’ve learnt to open my eyes and gradually I’ve learnt to connect with others. The Expressive Movement form, practice and community has been integral in my healing journey, key to my learning to trust and follow my body’s wisdom, pivotal in learning to express and magnify my wild, generous, joyous and deeply mischievous spirit. Facilitating the Saturday Shakeups for the past two years, I’ve been guided by this ever-growing spirit, and informed by my humble respect for the natural rhythms of our planet. I know that my freedom is dependent on the freedom of all, and I hold my classes with a deep compassion and respect for each person’s unique journey of liberation.

Lucy Draper Clarke

Lucy is guided by three words: joy, freedom and transformation. She loves supporting others to experience these qualities by facilitating embodied awareness practices, including mindfulness, yoga and dance. Having obtaining a doctorate in mindfulness and teacher education, she offers Awareness Training courses and leads popular retreats around Southern Africa. With a focus on Contemplative Activism, she works with those engaged in social transformation and healing, to alleviate stress and increase resilience through awareness and compassion. As a Buddhist practitioner, she attends regular meditation retreats to deepen her own practice.




Tommy Karpinski

Tommy has been moving and dancing and DJ-ing for many decades. His travels across the world have taken him far and wide and he has always followed his ears and feet. For him, Expressive Movement is a natural progression from many years of meeting the dance floor as a DJ, to meeting it as dancer. Tommy sees the act of dancing as deeply entwined with community, ritual and culture. He believes that dance is not only a form of mind / body connection, but that it also creates connection with all those around us.