Sian Palmer – Johannesburg


Sian Palmer is the Founder of Expressive Movement South Africa, an HPCSA registered Drama and Movement Therapist (MA University of London). Inspired by her life-long love of dance, her experience of the power of movement as a healing modality in her MA and her personal journey of transformation on many 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine dancefloors, Sian began her journey with developing the Expressive Movement form in 2009.  Through teaching and training facilitators Sian continues learning the value of embodied presence, authentic communication and creative expression through dancing in community. She is a firm believer in the power of dance as a medium for individual and collective healing and growth. Sian currently travels nationally and internationally offering Expressive Movement as medium of communication, integration and co-creation.

Belinda Elrix

This earth journey has always been about movement for me. Since a very young age I have always loved moving in all sorts of wonderful ways. In my teenage years and even earlier I did some choreographed dance classes. My spirit is too free to follow someone else’s dance.  My body has its own relationship to the beat and wants to express itself uniquely. When my path led me to expressive movement a couple of years ago I experienced an incredible sense of belonging and returning to myself in many different ways. This journey has deeply enriched my life and feeling at home in my skin is the very best gift I could ever have blessed myself with..  I dance daily and I always will. It’s part of my being and no longer something I do but part of who I am.. A dancing being.

Louise Denysschen

With a background in theatre, Louise has always been drawn to embodied practices. She brings 10 years of dancing with Expressive Movement, trainings in embodied group facilitation (Deep Democracy and World Work), as well as experience in Theatre of the Oppressed and storytelling to hold space for participants to follow their own body’s wisdom.