Ancestral Connections: Embodying Life

Towerland Wilderness Retreat: 14 – 17 September 2017


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Towerland Retreat

14 – 17 September

Towerland, is a place of pristine natural wilderness, nestled in the Langeberg mountains in the southern Cape.

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Times: Arrival lunchtime on Thursday 14th, leaving Sunday 17th
Investment: R6500 including all meals & accommodation
Earlybird special: R6100 before 1 July

*Bookings for Towerland with Maya:

*Bookings reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Ancestral Connections invites you to rest into the innate wisdom of your intelligent body through movement, dance and systems constellations. In this workshop we engage through the Expressive Movement and Systemic Constellations forms to bring integration and healing to that which supports or hinders you on your life path.

This workshop is taking an exciting new form out of the evolvement from moving constellations. We will be moving, constellating and connecting with our ancestral lineages, with nature and outdoors, and with life itself. This collaboration offers a healing and strengthening safe space that takes you out of the analysis and intellectual rumination of the past and into an embodied and ceremonial connection with the here and now. We discover and deepen our experience that Relationship is everything. Relationship to our roots, relationship to the natural world, relationship to life, and to ourselves.
This is a guided and gently held process for which no prior workshop experience is necessary.

What to expect

You will be guided into a comprehensive understanding and engagement with the basics of Expressive Movement and Systemic Constellations.
Through the Expressive Movement form, you will be guided into authentic movement and visualisation to enable deeper embodied listening.
Connecting with your ancestral lineages, we take the time to strengthen and honour these connections, bringing healing where needed.

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is for people wanting to develop and further their relationship with their physical body, finding embodied ways to resource themselves and their relationship with all of life.

This workshop appeals to those who are interested in exploring their interconnected relationship with themselves, their families and loved one, humanity and the land. We take the systemic view that we are all connected and any healing of ourselves and others needs to acknowledge that connection.

Constellations and conscious dance facilitators are invited to join us and inspire and deepen their work.



“Sian and Tanja’s collaboration in Ancestral Connections brings a workshop to bear which combines the incredible

strengths of each of their respective practices: Expressive Movement and African Constellations. Sian’s sensitive

movement meditation facilitation, paves an expressway for Tanja’s incisive family constellation work. The rhythmic

dancing into embodied presence supports a personal bravery to see, face, embrace and release one’s inherited patterns

and difficulties – in a life changing manner. This work simply and penetratingly shatters personal conscious and

unconscious obstacles, with an echo that subtly ripples forward and backward across one’s lineage. Gift yourself, your

ancestors and your descendants this powerful workshop.” – Workshop Participant: Johannesburg, 2017

About your Facilitators

Tanja Meyburgh is the founder of African Constellations. Tanja is a counselling psychologist, has been immersed in family and systems constellations work since 2003 through her practice, training facilitators and writing extensively about her experiences with this work.  What excites her about constellations is the possibility to engage the head, heart and body in the healing process, as well as the bridge that it offers between ancient and indigenous ways of healing and modern concepts of psychology, epigenetics and neuroscience.

Sian Palmer is the founder of Expressive Movement South Africa. Sian practices in South Africa as a registered Drama and Movement Therapist and Family Constellations Facilitator. Since her return from her MA in 2009, Sian has worked nationally in both training and therapy spaces. She is passionate about dance as an accessible holistic healing and meditation practice and is currently conducting the first conscious dance facilitator training in Africa, in her form – Expressive Movement.


Additional Information

Epigenetics tells us that our bodies hold all the information of our life experiences and previous generations. Through the embodied process of becoming aware of the network of relational dynamics and integrating these many parts of ourselves and our history/herstory, transformative healing is possible. In this lies the opportunity to centre in grounded presence with your ancestors and welcome their support in your life.

Expressive Movement encourages an holistic relationship to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and supports a deeper embodied listening in the constellation field. In so doing we create the vessel for moving and transforming what has emerged in our wider network of relationships to our families, our cultures and the external world that is mirrored in the self.