Ancient Rhythms

London, 11th May 2017, 19h00 – 21h30, Redmond Community Centre

In this introductory evening session, we connect to the flow of life given to us by our ancestors through movement and constellations meditation. Using the Expressive Movement form together with the embodied knowing of the constellations field, we develop our relationship with our roots, welcoming in greater vitality and strength. Join us as we connect to the ancient rhythms that live through us all, dancing in celebration and gratitude for this life.

All are welcome. No previous experience needed.

Investment: £18 (cash only)
No bookings required – this is an open event.
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Sian Palmer is the founder of Expressive Movement South Africa.
Sian currently practices in South Africa as a registered Drama and
Movement Therapist and Family Constellations Facilitator. Since her return from her MA in 2009, Sian has worked nationally in both training and therapy spaces. With her area of expertise firmly established in embodied practice, Sian is passionate about dance as an accessible holistic healing and meditation practice.

Tanja Meyburgh is a registered psychologist, and an internationally renowned systems constellations facilitator and trainer. She has been immersed in family and systems constellations work since 2003 through her practice, training facilitators in South Africa and writing about her experiences. What excites her about constellations is the possibility to engage the head, heart and body in the healing process, as well as the bridge that it offers between ancient and indigenous ways of healing and modern concepts of psychology, epigenetics
and neuroscience.