Autumn Equinox – the invitation of the season

Yesterday my pup and I took a walk in the park to meet with some old and new friends. When exploring the outdoors, this furry family member of mine is particularly partial to the feeling of tall grass on his body so we venture off the walking paths and through the veld. I love witnessing his delight as he bounds about, tickling himself and soaking up the sensations.

On this particular walk yesterday we traversed through a forest of oak trees and to our surprise we found ourselves wading through a mound of fallen hand-sized autumn leaves. I so enjoyed the dance of kicking up and crunching that ensued!


We met with our friends and conversations flowed between what has been and the excitement of creative possibilities to come. This fluid dance between past-present-future felt particularly alive in the autumn landscape and pertinent to our theme for this Thursday.

As we enter autumn the changes around and within us are echoed in this seasonal transition, bringing with it the opportunity of inner and outer reflection and action.


In dreaming into the dance for Thursday I wish to share with you a few seeds I have discovered and returned to in my reading and meditation. These seeds for this autumn dance invite the exploration of balancing, letting go and acknowledging impermanence and consistence.



Balance 3

With the arrival of the autumn equinox on Monday 20th August we enter the time of equal day and night. This balance of light and darkness without invites us to embrace the dance of light and darkness within. Osho shares that “A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.” Through embracing both we offer ourselves the opportunity to carry the light within and rest into the necessary time of winter gestation where our souls and dreams can be nurtured.


The dance of light & dark is akin to that of the seasonal dance of summer and winter, which is embodied in autumn. As we journey towards wintertime we harvest the fruits, nuts and bulbs planted in the spring to nourish and sustain us until spring comes again.



leaves fallingautumn leaves2

The falling of the autumn leaves offers a beautiful mirror to us in the practice of letting go. When the time is ripe and the summer complete, the autumn leaf drops into it’s dance with gravity and flutters to the ground. This takes no effort on the part of the leaf. It simply follows the movement. If you were to follow such movement, what is ripe and ready for you to let go? To drop/ shed/ release?




As do all seasons, autumn reminds us of the impermanence of everything. Paying attention to the changes without and within gifts us the consciousness to experience the beauty of the moment, to celebrate the presence of new life and to create with it. Practicing meeting life in this way with an open heart brings such tenderness and joy.


Along with the reminder that change is inevitable, if we are to acknowledge the dance of duality then we know too that with experiencing change comes our awareness of what is constant. The beauty of the dance of the seasons is embedded in the knowledge that this cycle has been and will continue to spiral for as long as the earth remains in this form. Through this comes the integration of past-present-future as we revisit each season anew with what is remembered from the last.

In the Expressive Movement practice we return to the consistent phase-cycle, the dance floor, our moving bodies and breath to rest in the support of this in order to embrace the new.


Perhaps these seeds may inspire something for you to dance with this Thursday as they have me.

See you on the dance-floor

With Love,