Circles and Cycles – bowing to the old, welcoming in the new

Dear Dancers,

As the sun sets on 2016 I feel Expressive Movement’s place in my heart and am reminded of how many of you have referred to the dancefloor as “Home” this year. I have witnessed you settling deeper into yourselves, celebrating in this meeting all number of expressions and riding the waves through mind, body, heart and spirit back home again and again. Together we have danced and rekindled the fascination and magic of being alive in this world.

The hearth at the centre of our home burns bright and I thank you all for feeding the flames with such passion and commitment. I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to our assistants Irene, Glenn, Thandi, Tarryn and Tamara and to our gatekeeper and beloved sister Anita for all your support. A big thank you too to Michael for welcoming us into his home for a number of dancing celebrations!

I look forward to returning home to you all on Thursday 19th January and until then I carry you all in my heart and dances.
See you in 2017 dear ones! May you land gently into 2017 and may the new year hold you lovingly.

Please note that as of 19th January our sliding scale* for our Thursday drop-in class will be as follows:
adults R120/ students R70
If you are in need of financial concession please contact me. Expressive Movement recognises our divergent access to resources. 

With Love,

New Years Meditation

As we reach New Year’s Eve, I invite you to join me in our simple embodied year-end ritual to mark this ending and new beginning. You can do this wherever you are – preferably find a place outside.

Come to standing. Breathe and feel both feet on the earth.
Turn to face east and notice where the sun is now.
Feel the presence of this last year behind you (to the west). Set your intention to gather from the year past all that is in line with your health/ life/ vitality.
Take time to feel the pull to turn and acknowledge the year gone by. When you are ready, turn around & gently, wildly, passionately (whatever works for you in the moment) move with the sensations/ images/ feelings that arise. Gather up in your hands, or in your body using your breath, what you choose to take with you (remember it is always a choice).
Take a bow to 2016.
When you are ready turn back around to face the east.
See the threshold marking the transition into 2017 out in front of you. When you are ready, consciously take a step across it.
Breathe in the air of this new year. Notice the presence of the qualities that you hold with you from the last & let yourself feel and welcome in all the vitality that’s right there in front of you.