Courageous Conversations

On Saturday 6th February Expressive Movement invites you to Courageous Conversations – a collaborative conscious dance event with Sian Palmer and Muti-Tribe facilitator Brian Bergman.

The courageous conversation is the one you should be having. Come explore through movement the conversations you are having with life. Your body is talking in movement and posture. Your body is expressing your feelings, emotions, thoughts and desires. Often it expresses more freely and clearly without words what you are really saying. Through our dance we are interacting with all the elements, and forces both hidden and seen, and through movement we can have an honest conversation with the life flowing within. When the dance dances you, then you can have those precious unexpected conversations with yourself that lead to greater creative expression and peace of mind. Let’s begin a conversation. Without saying a word.

This is David Whyte:
“Well, I suppose it´s good to go to the root of the word ´courage´, which comes from the old Norman French ´coeur´ meaning heart. I suppose a courageous conversation is a heart-felt one. And a heart-felt conversation is one that needs to happen. I often say that a courageous conversation is the one you should be having. Your imaginative faculties have already realized that something is not occurring. The creative conversations are the kinds that create a kind of friction-free environment. Whenever we are working with unspoken invisibilities that are present, but we haven´t named, they tend to cause a tremendous amount of friction – whether in a marriage, relationship or an organization. Just the act of beginning a conversation, never mind reaching a solution for it, often is tremendously freeing and allows people to work with each other.”



Saturday 6th February, 18:00 – 21:00


St Luke’s Church, 18 High Road & Oaklands Road, Orchards, Johannesburg


R150/ concessions R120/ students R70 (cash only at the door)


About your Facilitators

Sian Palmer
Founder of Expressive Movement South Africa, Sian Palmer is a Movement & Drama Therapist with her MA in Drama & Movement Therapy (Sesame) from the University of London.
Sian has extensive experience in the field of dance and embodied practice in a number of different settings and communities around South Africa. She founded Expressive Movement in 2009 and has attended a number of intensive movement meditation workshops with some of the founders of the ecstatic dance practices in both the UK and United States.
Sian is deeply passionate about the meditative and medicinal process of conscious dance, and is following her life’s work focusing on personal and collective development and health through creative embodied practice.

Brian Bergman
Brian has been dancing for many years and been practicing conscious dance for 7 of those. He has often said that conscious dance has saved his life, as it helps him move with grace through the most difficult and challenging times, as well as the times that are most creative and vibrant! He has is a qualified Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Yoga teacher, and a passionate DJ. He teaches conscious dance classes in Cape Town on Tuesday evenings co-creating under Muti-Tribe. Passionate about the medicine that movement can bring, he loves watching people switch on to dance as way of keeping sane in this world, using it as a tool to integrate all aspects of themselves.