Dance & Drum – Gratitude Ceremony

Dance & Drum – Gratitude Ceremony

with Paul Boyter & Sian Palmer

Saturday 26th November
4 – 8pm
Houghton Estate














Drum and dance are both powerful mediums for finding connection to each other and our environment. The use of drumming and dancing as a means of celebrating and giving thanks is an ancient human practice that enables us to be in communal conversation with life. And so we return to these ancient modalities, giving us an opportunity to give thanks for the many interactions and lessons experienced during the year.

The highs and lows of 2016 are flying by as we head for another new year, another new cycle. As we head towards this new cycle – we look back on what we have experienced, whom we have interacted with and what we wish to take with us into the future.

The Gratitude ceremony is about giving thanks through celebration – Through the rhythmic pulsing of the drum; the power of the dance with life is ignited.

Paul will guide the group in drumming for the first part of the ceremony and then we will move over to Sian as we celebrate through movement. The culmination will end with a great celebration of both drumming and dancing around our sacred fire. You may choose whether you dance or drum or play in both. No previous experience is needed.

Investment: R350 > Students R250
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Event photo: by ER Lombard of Physion Photography