Dancing Tao Trilogy; restoring the flow through art & dance


Mapping life flow through Art & Dance  




Our Bodies hold a wisdom that has taken millions of years to evolve,

the muse inside us all has direct access to this wisdom, the ‘Tao’,  

that connects us to the flow of all of life,

that leads us on our way. 

In this trilogy of Sunday sessions, we will meet and enter into dialogue with our archetypal allies, the Child, Warrior, and Leader, and through dance and art making, we will map the patterns of our own deep nature, and re awaken the Tao, this natural creativity and life flow within us.

3 Sunday ( full day) sessions:

•   1st session: The Child, 25 June 2017
•   2nd session: The Warrior, 6 August 2017

•   3rd session: The Leader, 15 October 2017

•   09h00 – 17h00
•   R 3 600.00 including all art materials and two dynamic facilitators in art and dance
•   Early bird special: Pay upfront for all three sessions @ R 3200.00