Dancing Tao Trilogy – The Warrior 1

Dancing Tao Trilogy – The Warrior

with Kate Ballenden & Sian Palmer

Sunday 4th December
9am – 5pm
Houghton Estate




In this second session of our 3-part Dancing Tao Series we meet The Warrior; the guardian at the gate and protector of the path. When the relationship with your warrior is in flow, your life force (Tao) is in flow and this may enable you to experience feelings of balance and interconnectivity.
Discovering your healthy warrior enables you to stand in integrity and to yield your inner power in service of your life and health. In this practice the warrior’s greatest tool is the dance; used to clear the way, to create space and to hold safely the boundaries of your land. When your healthy warrior is alive in you, your inner child is safe to explore, discover and play – enabling a dynamic dance of creation inside and out.

Investment: R1200 for the full day including all art materials
Booking is essential and space is limited to 12 dancers
To book contact sian@expressivemovement.co.za

This session is part of our Trilogy of 3 Sunday (full day) sessions:
*You can choose to come to any or all

• 1st session – Child – Sunday 2 October 2016 (COMPLETED)
• 2nd session – Warrior – Sunday 4 December 2016
• 3rd session – Leader – Sunday 29 January 2017

Event photo: Body painting among the Suri and Mursi people of the Omo Valley, southern Ethiopia.
Photographer Hans Silvester