EM Dreaming…


Monday 22nd February 2016

Dear Dancers,


I had a dream recently that has stayed with me and has been calling to be shared. It is a simple dream; one that speaks to a collective vision of moving towards a more integrated, holistic approach to health. A movement I believe many of us are already very much a part of.


In this dream I found myself in a multi-story wellness warehouse and was pleased to see a whole floor dedicated to fresh fruit and vegetables (without any plastic to be seen!) all local grown and organic.

The next level was dedicated to natural medicines of all kinds to assist with mental and physical support.

After making my way through the foods and medicines levels I found myself in the space just after the security scanners and just before the doors to exit. (You know that space that one doesn’t generally pay much attention to.) This particular liminal space was much bigger than usual and was… a dance floor! Everyone leaving the wellness warehouse was dancing! Their faces and eyes were beaming with vital joy and I weaved my way through, feeling that familiar flow and bubbling excitement of returning to the dance. I woke up with a big smile on my face!


What a way to integrate various medicines and holistic support systems! What if every medical practitioner, healer and healthcare professional ended his or her script with…

And a healthy dose of dancing!


This dream was a reminder for me of how important it is to support your whole system with healthy and fresh foods, lots of water, any additional nutrients/supplements it may need, and dancing to nourish the body, mind, spirit and soul.


This conscious dance practice engages your system on all levels:

  • Releasing happy hormones in the brain
  • Generating new healthy neural pathways
  • Strengthening your relationship to your body both emotionally and physically
  • Developing presence which will strengthen your relationship to life on all levels
  • Connecting you to your own vitality, which enables you to be more open to unconditional love and connection
  • Enabling you to reach a state of natural blissful ecstasy
  • Developing your capacity to relate to yourself, another and community from a place of authenticity

(And I’m sure you’ve experienced even more!)


My wish for you is that you continue to support you system with all of the above.

See you on the dancefloor soon!

With Love,