Manifestation – a Spring Dance Ceremony

Manifestation – a Spring Dance Ceremony

with Brian Bergman & Sian Palmer

Saturday 15th October 2016

Time: 18:30 – 00:30

Venue: Parktown North Methodist Church, 64 7th Avenue, Parktown North

Investment: R350/ R200 students 
* Please note: Booking is essential for this event 

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“Our life is a manifestation, and we can very well make that manifestation beautiful and meaningful…” Thich Nhat Hanh

As Spring-time gardeners we plant seeds with the vision already in our imaginations of the plants, flowers or trees they will grow into. We plant these seeds with the belief that they will flourish. In order to fulfill this vision we tend to the new saplings by enriching and nourishing the soil with specific properties and nutrients according to the environment and needs of the plants to create the best possible conditions for abundant life to grow.

As without so within…

Like the vision of the plant within the seed, a key to manifestation is to create the feeling inside your body that you would have, as if what you are manifesting is already here. First, we acknowledge what we are actually feeling and therefore manifesting, perhaps unconsciously and, moving from there, we dance our bodies into feeling as if our conscious creation is here, in this moment, now.
By recognising the current state of the internal landscape, the most nourishing movements can be added to ensure optimal growth.

The embodied, present mind is a very powerful thing. When we actively engage ourselves in the present and allow our mind, body, and heart to engage in imaginative visioning through our dance, we engage in the process of manifestation.

In the conscious dance space we bring the various aspects of ourselves into alignment: body, mind, heart, spirit and soul are called into presence. In this fullness of being we have the opportunity to engage focused attention on that which we wish to manifest into being. That which may enable us to live from a more fulfilled, creative and joyful place.


Come and gather with us to dance in sacred ceremony where the ceremonial space holds the opportunity for conscious intention setting, prayer and manifestation. In this ceremony the dance is the channel for connection to life, through which these intentions/ visions/ wishes are communicated and in which visions and affirmations can arrive.

The format of the ceremony works with the Expressive Movement wave structure with time for visioning through dancing, writing and witnessing.


About your Facilitators:

Brian Bergman has been dancing for many years and been practicing conscious dance for 7 of those. He has often said that conscious dance has saved his life, as it helps him move with grace through the most difficult and challenging times, as well as the times that are most creative and vibrant! He has is a qualified Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Yoga teacher, and a passionate DJ. He teaches conscious dance classes in Cape Town on Thursday evenings co-creating under Muti-Tribe. Passionate about the medicine that movement can bring, he loves watching people switch on to dance as way of keeping sane in this world, using it as a tool to integrate all aspects of themselves.

Sian Palmer is the founder of Expressive Movement South Africa & an HPCSA registered Drama and Movement Therapist. Sian returned to South Africa in 2009, and has enjoyed the privilege since then of offering conscious dance nationally alongside her work as a therapist. She is passionate about dance as an accessible holistic meditation practice and has completed running the first Expressive Movement facilitator training this year.