Winter Dreamtime Ceremony 18 June 2016

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The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before… and will be soul far beyond… – Carl Jung

In the darkness of the night, in the belly of winter the dreamtime calls… calling us to enter into dancing dreaming together – for it is in this place where the Dreamweaver awaits.

Come and gather with us in sacred ceremony where the ceremonial space holds the opportunity for conscious intention setting, prayer and dreaming. In this ceremony the dance is the channel for connection to life, through which these intentions/ dreams/ wishes are communicated and in which visions and affirmations can arrive.

All spiritual beliefs in service of life are welcome.


Date: Saturday 18th June

Time: 18:30 – 00:30

Place: St Luke’s Church, 18 High Road, Orchards

Investment: R350/ R200 students

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About your Facilitators
Brian Bergman has been dancing for many years and been practicing conscious dance for 7 of those. He has often said that conscious dance has saved his life, as it helps him move with grace through the most difficult and challenging times, as well as the times that are most creative and vibrant! He has is a qualified Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Yoga teacher, and a passionate DJ. He teaches conscious dance classes in Cape Town on Tuesday evenings co-creating under Muti-Tribe. Passionate about the medicine that movement can bring, he loves watching people switch on to dance as way of keeping sane in this world, using it as a tool to integrate all aspects of themselves.


Sian Palmer is the founder of Expressive Movement South Africa & an HPCSA registered Drama and Movement Therapist. Sian returned to South Africa in 2009, and has enjoyed the privilege since then of offering conscious dance nationally alongside her work as a therapist. She is passionate about dance as an accessible holistic meditation practice and is currently conducting the first Expressive Movement facilitator training this year.